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The Code Checkers Site Analysis Report

Over the years, Code Checkers, Inc. has created THE project manager tool for commercial site development in Florida with our Site Analysis. Your Site Analysis Report is a guide to developing commercial property within today's regulations and bureaucracy. Your Site Analysis Report will be cohesive, comprehensive and specific.

The Site Analysis assembles questions with specific answers required to determine your best course of action for successful development of your commercial property. We know where to get you the answers.

The Site Analysis Report provides code guidance on Zoning, Building, Signage, Landscape, Drainage, Drive access, process & impact Fees, Utility infrastructure, process Schedules and Environmental issues relating to your specific site. Often more than three inches thick, it contains: pertinent applications, specific zoning ordinances and regulatory guidelines, existing site condition details, aerial photos, photographs of the site and surrounding area, property appraiser maps, zoning / land use maps and water / sewer line location maps for your use.

Code Checkers, Inc.'s Site Analysis includes a governmental liaison as a part of the development scope. This involves a personal touch to research and ultimately provide site development approval from state and local agencies, utility companies, regional electric suppliers and communications companies.

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