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Code Checkers, Inc. - Site analysis, Code Compliance, Permit Coordinators, Research Consultants. Ultimately, solutions come from knowing what questions to ask whom, ask CodeCheckers.com

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Ultimate solutions come from knowing what questions to ask whom.

Do you have a question that is holding up your development? Do you need help getting in touch with the right governmental agency? We can help. We can answer your questions. We can also expedite your provided plans and documents with the experienced proficiency required for developing successfully in Florida. Code Checkers, Inc. provides these services on a fee or hourly basis.

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Coordination and Consultation Services

Let Code Checkers, Inc. act as your code compliance consultant for site plan development, permitting, renovation and maintenance. Since 1992, we have provided developers with successful guidance through the bureaucratic maze of Florida's Regulatory Agencies. Our consultation service can provide you with the current governmental policy, the procedure and the researched code information necessary to obtain licenses, permits and approvals.

We realize that the biggest hurdle property developers must overcome is Jurisdictional Code Compliance. Dealing with the idiosyncrasies of multiple overlapping governmental agencies is a specialty at which Code Checkers, Inc. excels and continual stumbling block for all developers.

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